More New Zealand work from home roles

Administrative Superhero – WORK FROM HOME – This one is work from home 10 hours a week, you can be outside of Auckland but need to attend an initial training session in Auckland.

Customer Service Stars – Set your own hours but there is over 5 weeks of training first, online and in an Auckland office.

I’ll be posting these up more regularly now that I have got through tax season and some other projects.

I’ll write more soon about how I sell both on Trade Me and eBay. I’m not a huge eBay but I am working on growing it. All good things take time.


Online Selling Internationally

One of the ways I supplement income is by selling off old stuff on Trade Me. I have plenty floating around the house to be rid of, and on the odd occasion I sell something I find in an Op Shop for a small profit but its rarely enough to sing about from the rooftops.

One thing many people are afraid of in little old New Zealand is selling on eBay. We are so used to Trade Me it becomes our automatic “go to” but a much wider range of customers can be reached via eBay or Etsy.

I have a small store on each. I don’t sell a huge amount but I can see the potential there. Its amazing when you dig a little on each site to find other New Zealander’s on there who have taken the plunge. Its really not too hard though and there are Facebook groups that make it a whole lot less scarier and give you an idea of what kind of items are in demand. International postage is actually easy and if you haven’t tried it, New Zealand Posts online system for sending a parcel internationally is awesome. You literally just put in dimensions and weight of a package and print out a label on a regular printer and stick it to your package. Done! If you’re not sure what you might have that is worth selling start by taking a look at any old collections you might have. Old toys from the 80’s are popular, or linens your grandmother might have passed down. There really is a collector for everything. I sold some old Marvel comic pin badges recently that sold like hotcakes.

One of the things my husband and I are working on now is setting up businesses so we can actually try and make a living from our endeavours. This is where business plans come in but I find this a little daunting and have no idea where to begin really. I think its important though before any huge efforts are made to make money through all these kind of sites to make the plunge from being a regular Mum and Dad seller to being a profit making business.

Today is Mother’s Day but I have a bunch of packages to wrap up of some little things I have sold. It’s a great way to make money from junk you have floating around the house you don’t use anymore. One thing I don’t intend on listing is my new fitbit I got for Mother’s Day.  I am trying to stay active despite working from home and this should keep me going!

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Ebay and more NZ work from home opportunities

I’ve been struggling to balance everything the last couple of weeks. Between renovations on the house, Trade Me and Ebay sales which are going great but keeping me busy, on top of my contract work and family demands as well as trying to to get to the gym.

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for Go Transcript. I haven’t had time to do much work for them but hopefully things will slow down enough now that Easter is over that I may get a little more time to earn some extra money on there. The pay rates are not fantastic but hey, it’s still money if you need it.

If you’re interested in doing market surveys from home there is an opportunity available here.

Off to get some more listings done before I get to bed! Keep hustling!


An easy way to make extra money is by filling out surveys. They’re time consuming, but easy enough to do if you want to fill in time while you’re eating your lunch or watching TV.  The main ones I use are below. I have tried others but I really don’t like ones that only enter me in a draw to win something or where the payout is so small its not worth my time.

I get emails from My Opinions regularly to complete new surveys. I have also cashed out once or twice via Paypal.

Colmar Brunton is another one to try.  I think I have earned Fly Buys points through their ones in the past.

If you know of any other good ones let me know!

Work from Home jobs in New Zealand

I see Facebook posts from people wondering what they can do to work from home. Usually a general search results in MLM or overseas results, at least it does for me. But I did a more detailed search today and found these.

Auckland based probably, but work from home, commission only.

AA Insurance want home based customer representatives. “You will start with five and a half weeks of full time paid training which will be a mixture of at home e-learning and in-house training. Once graduated from training you will be able to select your set hours of work between Monday and Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 6pm where you can work a minimum of 22.5 hours up to a maximum of 37.5 hours”.

Alpha Recruitment: Outbound sales but work from home anywhere in NZ.

LionBridge: International Company seeking independent contractors in NZ up to 20 hours per week.

Selling Yourself Short

One of the first things I learnt when I started working from home was confidence.

Confidence in my abilities, confidence in my skills, and confidence that someone would actually pay me for them.

There are a large number of busy people who will pay you to do either menial or repetitive tasks to save themselves the work and time, and while they may not pay huge amounts of money, it is easy money and better then sitting in front of a television for an evening earning nothing.

I have a diverse background working in offices over 20 or so years and picked up many skills. One of these is transcription and I can type extraordinarily fast with accuracy. One of the many places I have obtained work is through Upwork. In fact I have worked long contracts (over a year in length) through that site. No, the money is not always fantastic, my first long term contract there earned me $10 USD an hour. I was fortunate to be offered work by my previous employer from home, they provided the laptop, so I ended up resigning from the Upwork position. At this time my husband and I were expecting a child and we had moved out of Wellington into a more remote location where we had lower rent (saving number 1). I was able to work when I felt like it, in the comfort of home (saving numbers 2 and 3, no transport or maternity office clothes required). Later, after the birth of my baby, I picked up another Upwork contract right away when the contract with my old employer finished. I worked only 10-15 hours a week through Upwork while my newborn baby slept.

While I was doing this I worked another side hustle I will go into in more detail on another post.

The important thing to learn on Upwork is that you might have to take a few low paying jobs first to build up some good feedback. I literally worked a few crappy jobs first for about $5 just to get some praise so higher paying companies/individuals would consider me.

Make a list of any possible skills you have and search them. There is really something for everyone and even bad pay is better than no pay!