I have been working numerous freelance contracts and side hustles over the last number of years from rural New Zealand.

I am often surprised by how many people seem to think this is a unique thing to do in this country but it is very achievable. I find it harder to believe there are people unemployed in this country who don’t find a way to make a living by using their resources, skills or opportunity.

It is easy to find blogs that show you how to make extra income or save money but many of the opportunities are overseas and not available to us in little old NZ. The purpose of this blog is to show just how possible it is.

Having said all of that, it is not always simple, it likely won’t make you rich, but with some effort it is definitely possible to supplement or provide at least some income or even just pay off that credit card bill that’s hanging over your head.

Bear with me while my site gets built up, I’m too busy on my hustles to get it all done at once!

Disclaimer: I am not qualified to give financial/legal or tax advice, nor is that the intention of this blog.