Selling Yourself Short

One of the first things I learnt when I started working from home was confidence.

Confidence in my abilities, confidence in my skills, and confidence that someone would actually pay me for them.

There are a large number of busy people who will pay you to do either menial or repetitive tasks to save themselves the work and time, and while they may not pay huge amounts of money, it is easy money and better then sitting in front of a television for an evening earning nothing.

I have a diverse background working in offices over 20 or so years and picked up many skills. One of these is transcription and I can type extraordinarily fast with accuracy. One of the many places I have obtained work is through Upwork. In fact I have worked long contracts (over a year in length) through that site. No, the money is not always fantastic, my first long term contract there earned me $10 USD an hour. I was fortunate to be offered work by my previous employer from home, they provided the laptop, so I ended up resigning from the Upwork position. At this time my husband and I were expecting a child and we had moved out of Wellington into a more remote location where we had lower rent (saving number 1). I was able to work when I felt like it, in the comfort of home (saving numbers 2 and 3, no transport or maternity office clothes required). Later, after the birth of my baby, I picked up another Upwork contract right away when the contract with my old employer finished. I worked only 10-15 hours a week through Upwork while my newborn baby slept.

While I was doing this I worked another side hustle I will go into in more detail on another post.

The important thing to learn on Upwork is that you might have to take a few low paying jobs first to build up some good feedback. I literally worked a few crappy jobs first for about $5 just to get some praise so higher paying companies/individuals would consider me.

Make a list of any possible skills you have and search them. There is really something for everyone and even bad pay is better than no pay!

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